Series Name
Season Three, Episode Eight
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Where in the World is Mrs. Gerard?
Some Mad Hope


Michael Angarano as John Meyer

Emily Browning as Miranda King

Richard Burgi as Harry Gerard

Max Carver as Austin Elyis

Dana Davis as Naomi Jones

Tiffany Evans as D.J. Keegan

Maggie Grace as Lauren Meyer

Penny Johnson Jerald as Eve Warner

Erik King as Tyrell Warner

Ron Livingston as Jeremy King

Mia Maestro as Elena Santos

Mackenzie Mauzy as Dana Harper

Leven Rambin as Claire Meyer

Cameron Richardson as Summer Reid

Brenda Strong as Jennifer Meyer

Aisha Tyler as Monica King

Emily VanCamp as Nikki Carrigan

Guest Starring

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Pushpa Desari

M.C. Gainey as Clay Reno

Irrfan Khan as Ash Desari

Hansika Motwani as Leila Desari

Leonard Roberts as Sam Meeks

Zuleikha Robinson as Detective Kendall Banks

Jan Uddin as Harvey Desari

Whitney Vance as Jessica Rudolph

Mike Vogel as Tyler Rhodes

Kiersten Warren as Etta Elyis

Acceptance is the eighth episode in the third season of Cherry Hill. Tyrell's act of courage raises his profile within the nieghborhood, however Eve struggles to relate to the new man he has become, whilst she also deals with Miranda's struggles concerning her schizophrenia. Claire's equilibrium problems deliver shocking news that could potentially shatter the Meyer family as Austin struggles with his conscience when Nicholas is refused his appeal. Elsewhere, the fashion show sets off sparks for Lauren and Summer, whilst the Desari's decide they must hide out with their family until things are safe once more, however this doesn't settle well with everyone. Once again however, these events must take a backseat with the Hill Killer on the loose and lurking behind every corner.   Read this episode here!

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