Melanie Briscoe

Full Name

Melanie Briscoe







Significant Others

Nikki Carrigan (Fought with)

Harry Gerard (Fought with)

Pushpa Desari (Ally is fighting against Nikki & Harry)

First Appearance

Something Wicked this Way Comes

Last Appearance

Cold Wars

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Flashback)


S2 * S3

The Angry Resident, was a neighbor living in Cherry Hill. She is seen in Something Wicked this Way Comes, alongside Pushpa Desari's angry mob, following the expose that Nikki Carrigan was infact Harry Gerard's mistress and not his wife. The resident heckles that the couple have help destroy the innocence that Cherry Hill once had due to the publicicity the two recieved when Anne-Marie came to town. Monica later advised Nikki that she shouldn't worry as the neighbors would no doubtedly find someone else to to find fault with. She reappeared in Season Three, this time named by producers as Melanie Briscoe she became the second victim to the Hill Killer, after being bludgeoned with a large object. She was played by Nicole Sullivan.