Austin Elyis
Portrayed by: Max Carver

Full Name

Austin Ramsay Elyis



Centric Episodes

Bad Twin

If Only

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Etta Elyis (Mother)

Joseph Elyis (Father, deceased)

Nicholas Elyis (Twin Brother)

Bobbi Cunning (Cousin)

Unnamed Aunt

First Appearance



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Austin Ramsay Elyis played by Max Carver, is a character in Cherry Hill. He is the twin brother of Nicholas Elyis and the son of Etta Elyis and Joseph Elyis. Mr Elyis used to physically and verbally abuse Austin, and Nicholas was always there to defend and help him. Their father's untimely death thanks to a supposed drug overdose left the twins with no remorse, no good memories to share about him. Austin and Nicholas meet John Meyer, a self-labelled outcast who wants nothing to do with them while they try to help him. While he's quite against the idea of helping the reluctant John, he ends up befriending John after the two get to know each other. Austin helps Nicholas to overcome a drug addiction, thanks to some help from D.J. Keegan and John. Austin and Nicholas ask D.J. to take them to the dance as their date, and she accepts, while John asks Bella Mendez, DJ's best friend. Unknown to the twins, John and DJ kissed. At the party in Homecoming, Nigel is spotted at the dance the twins get into a spout with him, leaving them escorted from the party. In Season Two, Six Months Later... , we see Austin pining for a girlfriend as he reveals to John he fancies Brandy and Bella, he then backs off after realising that Bella was John's ex. He returns home to take care of Nicholas who has become ill, when he gets home he finds his mother stood before him, neither seemed pleased to see one another.

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