Series Name
Season Three, Episode Two
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Sins of Our Fathers
Good Twin

Cold Wars


Michael Angarano as John Meyer

Emily Browning as Miranda King

Charlie Carver as Nicholas Elyis

Max Carver as Austin Elyis

Dana Davis as Naomi Jones

Tiffany Evans as D.J. Keegan

Maggie Grace as Lauren Meyer

Penny Johnson Jerald as Eve Warner

Erik King as Tyrell Warner

Ron Livingston as Jeremy King

Mia Maestro as Elena Santos

Mackenzie Mauzy as Dana Harper

Leven Rambin as Claire Meyer

Cameron Richardson as Summer Reid

Brenda Strong as Jennifer Meyer

Jeremy Sumpter as Anthony Harper

Aisha Tyler as Monica King

Guest Starring

Shohreh Aghdashloo as Pushpa Desari

Nicole Anderson as Tabitha Cambridge

Amanda Bynes as Erica Banes

Janeane Garfalo as Christine Cambridge

David Henrie as Wayne Cambridge

Irrfan Khan as Ash Desari

Hansika Motwani as Leila Desari

Nicole Sullivan as Melanie Briscoe

Jan Uddin as Harvey Desari

Whitney Vance as Jessica Rudolph

Cold Wars is the second episode in the third season of Cherry Hill. Miranda is enraged to discover that her mother has taken in Dana and Anthony when they are found squatting in their own home, however Miranda believes that Elena is doing it to get at her leading to a fallout between herself and Dana. Meanwhile, John and D.J. come face to face and it becomes clear that things may not be the same for the former couple and Lauren makes an enemy whilst looking for new modelling work. Tensions rise in the Desari household as Monica becomes jealous of Naomi and Tyrell's bonding as Eve begins to feel similiar. But will the atmosphere change as the residents discover a murder closer to home?   Read the episode here!


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