Dan Silver
Played by Shawn Doyle

Full Name

Daniel Silver




Fashion Agent/ Con-Man



Significant Others

Lauren Meyer (Client)

First Appearance


Last Appearance

The Way Things Were


S1 * S2 * S3

Daniel Silver, played by Shawn Doyle, is the businessman and fashion agent to Lauren Meyer. It was later discover that Silver was a con man operating to scheme money from young naive girls in promising them a future in modelling, some of the girls were found to be underage and that he had been harassing them as well as Lauren.

Season One

He first approached her in the episode Jigsaw, where he appears somewhat caring given the situation of Lauren's sisters' abduction. He offers to buy her lunch, to which she rejects, thinking that he is patronising her. He warns her that a bad attitude could threaten her chances of doing business with him. When she apologises, he reveales he will be her agent. He says he'll sort details with her once the family crisis is resolved. They are interrupted by her mom's phonecall, cutting their meeting short as she rushes down to the station. Lauren later tells her friends that he makes her nervous, to which they advise her not to work with him.

Season Two

In Six Months Later... , we find out that Silver is lying to Lauren about her modelling dreams and is instead using her as a prostitute for his own and others pleasure and making money for himself. He's emotionally blackmailed Lauren into going along with this. Following the discovery that he had been doing this to other girls and the fact he was a con-man, he threatened Lauren in her new appartment before going on the run to escape the police.


*Over his three season tenure, Silver had only appeared in seven episodes until his arrest and exit from the series.

*Name derived from two Biblical figures. It is Hebrew meaning 'God is my Judge'.

*Silver, is of course a chemical element.