Dr. Charles Scott
Played by Raymond J. Barry

Full Name

Dr. Charles Scott







Significant Others

Miranda King (Patient)

Greg Andrews (Patient, died from internal injuries)

Claire Meyer (Patient)

Dana Harper (Patient)

First Appearance



S1 * S2

Doctor Charles Scott, played by Raymond J. Barry,  is a character from Cherry Hill, who first appears in the Pilot. He is the doctor (who works at the same hospital as Lydia Harper) who greets Miranda when she regains conciousness following her car crash. He alongside, her father and friends are deeply concerned for her when she tells them there was a woman that caused the car to crash as police rule that there was no one at the scene of the crash. He is also the one that breaks the news to Miranda that Greg died from internal injuries.

He briefly appeared in Six Months Later...  in which he and Lydia observed Dana, who was in a comatosed state.

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