Greg Andrews
Played by Dustin Milligan

Full Name

Gregory James Andrews






Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Significant Others

Miranda King (Girlfriend)

Date of Death


First Appearance


Last Appearance




Gregory James Andrews, otherwise known as Greg, played by Dustin Milligan, is the former boyfriend of Miranda King. The two had seemed to be dating for a while, until one morning whilst both in his car, a mysterious woman, appeared before them both making him swerve and crash into a tree in Pilot. When Miranda wakes up in hospital she is told by a doctor that he died of internal injuries.At his funeral, Miranda cries at his grave only to see the woman once more, she is later comforted by her father.

Greg's full name is revealed later when Miranda visits his grave, she apologises to him, saying she'd always love him. But needs to move on, in truth she has fallen for Anthony Harper, following his accident and wants to support him, but has to cut all ties with Greg first.   In Freefall, whilst visiting his grave, Miranda is reintroduced to the woman know as Verity, the same woman that was stood in the road and caused Greg's death in the crash.

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