Kayla Cairns

Full Name

Kayla Cairns







Significant Others

Lauren Meyer (Friend and Employer)

Nicole Grayling (Friend)

First Appearance




Kayla Cairns, played by Taylor Cole is a character seen in Cherry Hill. She is the friend of Lauren Meyer and hangs around with her and Nicole Grayling. She is first seen in the episode Jigsaw, where the three meet in the Mall following Lauren's meeting with model agent, Dan Silver. Despite being kind and caring to Lauren, who is going through family crisis with the abduction of her sister, Lauren says SIlver makes her nervous. Kayla comments that Lauren shouldn't work for someone who makes her nervous. She seems to be the more forthcoming of Lauren's friends, blutnly stating her point. Shortly after her and Nicole leave, Lauren is attacked by her stalker.

Post Time JumpEdit

Despite not being seen or mentioned since her intial appearance, in the Season Four premiere, Lauren is heard on the phone to Kayla who has now become her publicist. However Lauren wasn't best pleased with Kayla's attempt to mend her friendship with Nicole and threatened not only to fire her, but disown her also.

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