Leila Desari
Portrayed by: Hansika Motwani


Leila Desari


17 (Season 2)


Pushpa Desari (Mother)

Ash Desari (Father)

Harvey Desari (Brother)

Isra Lasharie (Aunt)

Rohan Lasharie (Half Brother)

Significant Others

Nicholas Elyis (Fling)

First Appearance

All's Fair in Love and War

Last Appearance

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang



Leila Desari is the feisty daughter of Pushpa and Ash Desari and sister to Harvey, she is initially quiet, yet leads a double life between her family and friends. It appears she doesn't taken her Hindu heritage too seriously. She is played by Hansika Motwani.

History Edit

Season Two

Upon her inital introduction in All's Fair in Love and War, Leila keeps quiet and does not say much. But in Jump, Push, Fall, she meets Nicholas Elyis, drawing him into his police-taped house and making out with him there, showing a knack for 'bending the rules' and having a little bit of fun and ousting Nicholas' brother. Despite having only met, the two begin to make out, leading Nicholas astray.