Leon McGreggor

Full Name

Leon McGreggor


Possibly late 40's to early 50's




Catherine McGreggor (Wife)

Stella McGreggor (Daughter,deceased)

Significant Others




First Appearance

Sins of Our Fathers

Last Appearance

Sins of Our Fathers

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Flashback)



Leon McGreggor was a character on Cherry Hill, he is the father of murder victim, Stella McGreggor, and husband of Catherine. Though he is not seen in the first season, he is mentioned by Jennifer Meyer in Jigsaw, who wonders why neither parent reported Stella missing, it is thought that the two families know eachother, she states he is a farmer that lives near by. He is first seen in Sins of Our Fathers where he is discovered murdered on his farm. Monica, Jeremy, Jennifer and Naomi attend his funeral. It is later discovered that Tyrell Warner had killed Leon in what was the start of his reign as the Hill Killer.

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