Mike Raven
Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Full Name

Michael Raven







Signifcant Others

Jeremy King (Best Friend)

Elena Santos (Dislikes)

First Appearance

Here Comes the Rain Again

Last Appearance



S2 * S4

Michael Raven also known as Mike, is a character in Cherry Hill. He is the best friend of Jeremy King and appeared as best man at his wedding to Monica Jones. The two seem to have been confidente's of one another as Mike is aware of Elena Santos. He was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Season Two

Though he is not mentioned, Jeremy is seen in The Point of No Return telling Miranda he has to prepare for his bachelor party, with Mike as Best Man it is assumed he does not live in Cherry Hill to be present and arrange everything at the time. However at the wedding, he is seen giving a speeh and toasting to the couple, he is then seen warning off Elena from the wedding and revealing to surprised guests that she is Jeremy's ex wife and Miranda's mother, the residents who had only seen her as a television anchor were shocked at the news as they assumed Miranda's mother had died. Mike is later seen flirting with Belinda and Nikki until they both reveal they are in relationships, he's last seen waving the couple off as they go on their honeymoon. He is not expected to appear in Season Three.