Monica King
Portrayed By: Aisha Tyler

First Appearance


Birth Name

Monica Jones






Naomi Jones (Daughter)

Jeremy King (Husband)

Miranda King (Step-Daughter)

Ryan Merrill (Step-Son)

Matthew King (Son)

Significant Others

Tyrell Warner(Ex-Husband, Deceased)

Yolanda Warner (Former Mother-in-Law)

Eve Warner (Enemy)

Fernando Montgomery (Dislikes)

First Appearance



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Monica King (nee Jones, and prev. Warner) played by Aisha Tyler is the mother of Naomi Jones and Matthew King . Monica and her first husband, Tyrell, separated under unknown circumstances, leaving Monica to raise Naomi on her own. Monica is friends with Lydia Harper and Jeremy King, but her friendship with Jeremy turns to something a little more when she kisses him. She eventually falls pregnant with his baby and tells his daughter under Naomi's wishes to not keep her friend out of the dark. Monica did not want Naomi to go to college because she felt that she would be lonely without her. Naomi eventually talked her into letting her go.

Six Months Later... , we see Jeremy and Monica are practically living together as they head off for a baby scan, they are worried for Miranda following the evnts of the past few months, however she tells them not to bother. Whilst in bed, Jeremy runs through baby names with Monica who is enthused until he mentions 'Ty', se halts and says it sounds too similiar to another name, when he asks what it's all about, she changes the topic. It is confirmed the two are going to have a son together. Monica is also disheartened to see her daughter leave for Michigan that same day.


Aisha Tyler recieved a Rightee Award for her portayal of Monica in the category of Best Supporting Actress, in which she beat co-star Mia Maestro (Elena Santos).

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