Joseph Elyis
Played by Peter Onorati

Full Name

Joseph Elyis


Late 30's to 40's




Etta Elyis (Wife)

Austin Elyis (Son)

Nicholas Elyis (Son)

Bobbi Cunning (niece)

Lorelei Cunning (Sister-in-Law)

Significant Others


Date of Death


First Appearance

Bad Twin (Flashback)

Last Appearance

Homecoming (Flashback)



Joseph Elyis, played by Peter Onorati was a character featured in Season One of Cherry Hill, in a flashback of the episode , Bad Twin, he is the father of twins Austin and Nicholas Elyis and the husband of Etta Elyis. He died in 2005 after a suspected overdose., though it was revealed later that it was his own son , Nicholas, that killed him.

In the flashback, we see Austin playing on a gaming system when his father shuts it off, Austin then falls out with his father over this which results in his dad (who seems to be a heavy alcoholic) grab Austin and threaten him, he throws a bottle which cuts his arm-though whilst this goes on, Etta's whereabouts are unknown- Mr. Elyis demands Austin to clean the mess, Nicholas intervenes and does it for him, saving his brother from more abuse. In the second flashback, Austin finds his mother crying and his father 'asleep' on the sofa. When he asks what's wrong she tells him their father is dead, yet somehow blames Austin by saying 'You've finally got what you wanted!', Etta explains their fathers death was due to an overdose and he is cradled in her arms as the ambulance arrive and the boys, sent to their room.

In Homecoming, we see in another flashback, branching off from Bad Twin, we see him and Nicholas arguing, it is then revealed that Nicholas had planted the drugs that killed him. We also find out his name is Joseph, for the first time.