Nigel Barratt
Played by Randall Bentley

Full Name

Nigel Barratt




Student at Cherry Hill High School



Significant Others

Nicholas Elyis (Rival)

Austin Elyis (Enemy)

Etta Elyis (Drug Dealer)

First Appearance

Bad Twin

Last Appearance



S1 * S2



Nigel Barrett was a character in Cherry Hill. Nigel was a bully at Cherry Hill High School, who is also known for his drug dealing, one of his former clients included Nicholas Elyis, who made a powerful enemy of him. He died after invading the Elyis house. He was played by Randall Bentley.

Season One

Nigel is first seen breaking up a fight between Austin and Nicholas in Bad Twin. The two got into an argument when Nicholas had began to mix with a new group of friends, headed by Nigel. D.J. had warned both Austin and John that Nigel wasn't someone to mess with as he had also been dealing Nicholas drugs. He then appears at the Homecoming dance, Nicholas who's now reformed himself for his brothers' sake met Nigel in the toilets who had mocked him, the two got into a fight resulting in a teacher banning them from the dance and sending them home.

Season Two

He later returned when the twins caught him flirting with their cousin, Bobbi, at first Nigel appeared to be reformed of his old ways. But it turned out he'd been getting his drugs off of the twins mother, however she had been tricking them and selling them salt. Nigel tried to get revenge with two of his friends by holding the Elyis' hostage, however he had caught them in the midst of a party alongside D.J. ,John, Brandy and Bobbi. Nigel ended up getting shot by John in self defense.