Patricia Keegan
Played by Judith Scott

Full Name

Patricia Keegan






Arnie Keegan (Husband, Possibly Deceased)

D.J. Keegan (Daughter)

Tae Keegan (Son, Deceased)

Dylan Meyer (Grandson)

Simone Meyer (Granddaughter)

Significant Others

Jennifer Meyer (Rival)

First Appearance


Last Appearance



S2 * S3

Patricia Keegan is the mother of D.J. and Tae Keegan  in Cherry Hill. Unlike most characters, it appears that the Keegan family live outside of Cherry Hill. However D.J. is a frequent visitor due to her relationship with John and her friendships there. Patricia has only been seen briefly once. She is played by Judith Scott.

Season Two

Patricia's first and so far only appearance was in Invasion, she was seen rushing into the arms of her daughter during the hostage situation in the Elyis household. Nicholas is seen watching from afar wishing his mother was like D.J's.

Season Three

Patricia reappeared in Season Three after D.J. introduced John to her family following the shock that she was pregnant. Though apprehensive at first, Patricia said that they'd work as hard as they could to ensure the baby was raised properly, though her son, Tae, who had recently returned home from the army, was not as cheery about the confession.

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