Paul Rosen

Full Name

Paul Rosen




Owner and Supervisor of a Modelling Agency


Rachael Rosen (Ex-Wife)

Sid Rosen (Son)

Significant Others

Sam Meeks (Former Business Partner, Deceased)

Lauren Meyer (Model)

Summer Reid (Model)

Renie Mancini (Employee)

Elena Santos (Fiancee)

First Appearance

If Only

Last Appearance




Paul Rosen is a character featured in Cherry Hill. Paul is the boss and supervisor of the modelling firm that Sam Meeks works under. He is described as a suave businessman and a real charmer. He is played by Mark Deklin.

Season Three

Paul's first appearance is a brief cameo in the montage of If Only, where he is seen being interviewed by Elena Santos alongside Meeks, Summer and well known judge, Clay Reno. In A Hot Summer's Day, he is seen allowing Sam to take time off to see to Summer after she discovers her house has been burgled, though he seems cautious in telling Sam that he has doubts about Sam mixing his personal and professional life.