Stella McGreggor
Portrayed by: Alexandra Tobas

Full Name

Stella McGreggor




Leon McGreggor (father)

Catherine McGreggor (mother)

Significant Others


Date of Death

Sometime around December 18, 2008.

First Appearance


Last Appearance

Freefall (Flashback)



Stella McGreggor is a minor character who first appeared in Taken as a dead body, and was thought to be the body of Claire since Claire's cell phone was found underneath Stella's dead body. She was estimated to have been killed for a week before they found her body, placing her date of death sometime around December 18, 2008 although this is just an assumption. Jennifer states that she is the daughter of Leon and Catherine McGreggor, who are local farmers, implying that she does know the family. Though questioned why she wasn't reported missing.

It is currently unknown how Stella died although her face was badly smashed in and mangled, making it almost confirmed to be a murder.   In flashbacks of Freefall, we see Fernando killing Stella following her implying he killed Claire, in anger he knocked her out and then repeatedly smashed her face with a shovel, thus killing her. At first Fernando pretends he doesn't know her but then confesses all to Officer Banks and Detective Parker.