Played by Perdita Avery

Full Name



Mid 20's





Significant Others

Boyfriend (Deceased)

Miranda King (Caused the crash that injured her, has also appeared to her numerous times)

Greg Andrews (Caused the crash that killed him)

First Appearance

Pilot (Though unclear)


Last Appearance

If Only



Verity is the mysterious woman often appearing to Miranda King during the first two seasons. First an enigmatic woman appearing in the middle of the road causing the death of Miranda's boyfriend Greg, Verity then befriended Miranda. This odd friendship often made Miranda feel depedent on Verity's appearances and very anti-social toward others. Verity eventually abandoned Miranda when Miranda's psychiatrist Eve Warner met her, even after Verity demanded they not meet. Eve diagnosed Miranda with schizophrenia and revealed that Verity was not real, but only a figment of her imagination due to the condition making her feel lonely and in need of a friend to understand her. Following treatment by Eve, Verity never appeared to Miranda again. Verity was portrayed by Perdita Avery.


Season 1Edit

Verity is first encountered by Miranda King in the Pilot whilst Miranda is driving her boyfriend Greg over to Lauren Meyer's 22nd birthday party. Verity appeared in the middle of the road, causing Miranda to swerve off-road and crash into another car. No one was seriously injured except Greg, who died of internal injuries.

Verity often appeared to Miranda, but mysteriously disappeared just as quickly as she appeared in the first place.

In the season finale, she finally introduces herself to Miranda at the graveyard. Whilst making small talk, it is clear Miranda has a weird vibe from her however it isn't until she leaves that she realises that she recognises Verity as the woman that stood in the road, causing the accident that injured her and killed her boyfriend Greg Andrews. She then goes to greet a shocked Miranda, already knowing her name. During their time chatting, Verity revealed she was visiting the grave of a former flame who lived in the area, he died whilst after they went travelling together. She also said she found it hard to settle, often finding herself drifting around.

Season 2Edit

Six months later, it appears Verity and Miranda have bonded, though the grounds of their friendship is a bizarre one we get the impression the two have been meeting regularly excluding a short period in which Verity describes as going on a 'walkabout'. Verity seems cautious about Jeremy coming home and finding her, to which Miranda implies Verity could confess to what she was doing in the road as they would understand, Verity slips out and emotionally blackmails Miranda. Later on, Miranda goes to change following suggesting to a reluctant Verity that they go and meet Naomi to say goodbye. When Miranda returns, Verity is gone.


  • Verity appeared in a total of 10 episodes, spanned across the first three seasons.