Wayne Cambridge


Wayne Cambridge




Student at Cherry Hill High School


Christine Cambridge (Mother)

Unknown Father

Tabitha Cambridge (Sister)

Significant Others

Jessica Rudolph (Friend, Ex)

First Appearance

Cold Wars

Last Appearance

If Only



Wayne Cambridge is a reccurring character on Cherry Hill. He was first introduced in the third season alongside his sister, Tabitha. The two were friends of Jessica Rudolph and became the new group following John's split from D.J. He's also the son of Christine Cambridge, who often appears alongside them. He was played by David Henrie.

Season Three

Wayne first appears in Cold Wars, where he seen with John, Jessica and his sister Tabitha. It is revealed later on that Wayne actually had a past with Jessica, explaining his cold behaviour towards John initially. He and his sister seem close, due to the fact that they are close in age and often hand around with eachother. In the episode Superheroes, Wayne and Tabitha reveal to John that Jessica is not all she seems and that Wayne and Jessica went out nine months before, resulting in a messy break up after she became jealous. John then started to speculate about Jessica's behaviour in his own relationship.